how to speed up loading of your blog

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This time I will post tips to speed up loading on your blog. I own it too hard to make this blog as fast as blink of the eye. but my blog is actually very fast if your connection is too fast. ok. this time I immediately just how do I speed up loading of your blog. refer to the following reviews. the first is


The speed of our blog pages load also depends on the number of posts that exist on the main page, the more surely the more weight we created a blog also loaded. The trick to setting the number of posts is to apply the settings on the Settings tab | Formatting on the dashboard. Recommended only pairs of 10 posts or less let us kebukanya maknyus blog.

Java scripts and 3rd party links

For optimal load speed we are also encouraged to use widgets, links, and javascript provided by Google. Even if we are forced to use Javascript or widget from other parties (other than Google), we are advised to put it in a sidebar next to the bottom of its own. Gag tau's also the reason, maybe if the sidebar next to the bottom it will read the last after the posting appeared, even though the widget would not load but our blog content already loaded.

Media images and videos

Images can indeed sweeten the look of our blog and also to provide some additional information for visitors. But the picture is too large will make our blog for the loaded weight. Om the same Google, we disaranin to:

+ Uploading pictures to Picassa us, gag tau ni probably google promotion, is not it Google's Picassa hers or may be faster to load because the server is good Picassa.

+ Uploading images with smaller resolution, we can shrink the resolution of our images using Photo Shop or other program.

+ Use small thumbnails on our blog.

With the above, we can accelerate the process of loading from a website or blog. But it all depends on internet connection of the opening though. No matter how small the picture if he's connections as fast as snails whose leg injury that useless as well.